John Woodruff

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Hello there

You've made it to my personal website! This is the place for all of my musings in blog-post format, a portfolio of some of the projects I've worked on, and just generally a place for me to add a little bit of myself to the exabytes of data that makes up the internet.

What do I like to do?

I love to code obviously. I also love gaming and stream my gaming fun over on my Twitch Channel, going by Jorgnaan. I play a ton of games in the Legend of Zelda series, as well as many others such as Sea of Thieves, the Ori and the Blind Forest series, and a variety of Pokémon games. Otherwise I spend all my free time with my family.

What am I working on?

Besides the many things I work on at my place of employment, I love to work on many side projects at all times. I've written about my GitHub Graveyard before and have absolutely added to that pile of side projects since writing that post. I am, however, working on a fun application that I hope to actually and properly release soon. I'll post about it on my blog when it's ready to go, so keep your eye on that.

My current employment

I am a Senior Software Engineer at a fintech company called Mosaic. There are many interesting problems to be solved and I'm loving it. Previously I was a Senior Software Engineer at GoReact, and before that, a Software Engineer at Domo.