John Woodruff

DigitalOcean JS 1.0 Released!


I've been writing a library, DigitalOcean JS, for the last year in my spare time. I started it because I was building a DigitalOcean mobile app using Ionic for use in managing your DigitalOcean resources from your phone. In looking at the various libraries available for my use, I disliked them for a few reasons, including use of callback functions instead of Promises, only being able to use some in Node and not the browser, among other things. Due to those issues, I decided to build my own that was structured how I would like to use it, with some key goals in mind:

To that end I started development on DigitalOcean JS. Instead of building it all out quickly I decided to build it out as I needed it for the app I was building. As is usual with my side projects, (see my previous post) it languished to the side for a while. After writing that blog post, I decided that I wouldn't let this project die. I literally had one set of endpoints left to implement.

It is with great pleasure that I finally get to announce the official v1.0 release of DigitalOcean JS. Check it out at the repo below, and keep fighting to keep your side projects alive!